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supernatur_lims's Journal

Supernatural LIMS Challenge Community
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Welcome to supernatur_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing competition for the television series Supenatural. Every week a challenge will be posted in which the participants must create one icon. At the end of the week voting will be posted in which everyone votes for their least favorite icon, as well as their most favorite. The votes will be tallied and the person with the most negative votes will be eliminated. At the end of the round there will be only one maker left.

profile codes

1) Please first join the community. You must be a member in order to participate.
2) It is advised that you watch the community as well in order to keep up with updates.
3) Go to the sign-up post and leave your username in the comments if you wish to participate. Once voting for the first challenge goes up sign-ups are closed.
4) You only need to submit one icon unless otherwise stated in the challenge post.
5) Your icons must fit livejournal requirements. 100x100 pixels, and under 40kb.
6) Please leave a comment with the image and link.
7) If I find that only half or less of the remaining participants have entered I will extend the challenge.
8) Make sure to include the words "I've been re-hymenated!" in the subject of your comment so I know you read the rules.

Upcoming challenge caps and screencap credits can be found at this post.
NOTICE: Skips may only be used until there are 5 participants left.
Also, pictures used include up to 4x22.

1) You do not have to be a member to vote, but you must have a livejournal account. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
2) Do not vote for yourself.
3) Leave a comment to the post using the format posted in the text box within the entry.
4) Your reasons must address technical issues with the icon, not personal preferences. Bad example: I don't like the icon. Good example: The coloring is too green, and the icon is too sharp.
5) You do not need to have a reason for your favorite icon(s), but it'd be nice if you included one for the maker(s).
6) Each least favorite vote will earn the icon -1 point, and every favorite vote will count as +1 point.

Friday, 11:59 pm GMT - Voting will go up.
Sunday, 11:59 pm GMT - Results and next challenge will be posted.
But of course, this is tentative :P

Round One-
First Place: deadwillwalk Second Place: shadeofpoison Third Place: jameserin

Rount Two-
First Place: evenindeath Second Place: wickedgrdn Third Place: valiy

Round Three-
First Place: causefire Second Place: nodazzle Third Place: yume_odori

Round Four-
First Place: xeyra Second Place: wickedgrdn Third Place: ensanglante